Makeup and Hair – Order Of The Day


We often get asked what the order of the day is when it comes to getting ready before a big event so here are a few common questions answered to help you get a better idea of how things can run smoothly:



This one isn’t set in stone but generally, it is easier to apply your makeup first and style your hair after as when applying makeup we want all hair to be held back of your face. If we style hair first and then have to pin back a fringe or tuck loose hair waves away then we will likely have to restyle the hair again to remove the kinks or flattened curls so it makes the most sense to style your hair last. Similarly, if you are having a blowdry then the hair needs to be wet and doing this after your makeup has been applied can compromise the application in which case we would have to redo your makeup in certain areas which isn’t ideal.  With all this being said however, if for whatever reason your hair or makeup has to be styled first then we can still ensure everything is looking perfect and will just need to allow some extra time to ensure that it is.



The fresher the makeup application to the event start time the better but don’t worry if that it isn’t possible as there are a lot of ways we can ensure makeup lasts for 12 hours and beyond! Using the right products to keep the skin hydrated will stop your makeup cracking and looking dull over the course of the day. Taking measures to ensure that all areas of your makeup application are set correctly such as primer in specific areas where makeup is prone to rubbing off, moving about or soaking in to the skin will also ensure that everything is looking as perfect it was when it was applied 8 hours ago! One thing I will say though is that your lipstick is one thing that we guarantee a huge long life for. Personally, I’m not a fan of the ’24 hour wear’  lipsticks as they tend to crack or peel off in certain areas and once that happens then you can’t just reapply to that area as it looks uneven so it all needs to be scrubbed off and applied from scratch again.  It makes far more sense to skip the ordeal and have the lipstick or gloss with you for reapplication every few hours – there’s also something quite nice and energising about a quick swipe of lipstick mid-event too!



Unless you are just having a basic blowdry then we always advise that hair is washed the day before. Freshly washed hair can be quite stubborn and unruly by not styling as well as it could, or if it does style OK, then it will not hold the style as well. If you’re worried about it looking greasy then we can always apply a spray powder which soaks up excess moisture and also gives it more holding power. If your hair is fine and limp normally then skip the conditioner and do not put any sticky mouse or strong product in it that could make it heavier as we can do a lot with it on the day to ensure it looks sleek and holds it’s style. We will deal with hair as it comes but if it is particularly frizzy then blow drying it when you wash it the day before it recommended but if not possible then we can do this for you and will just need to allow extra time.



When it comes to wedding mornings, generally the bride will go last but if curls are to be created and roller sets are to be used then these will go in a couple of hours beforehand but the final hair-styling and makeup will still be applied last. In terms of running order for hair and makeup, there is flexibility here with large groups getting ready and no particular order that people have to go in. It is best to plan out an order which makes the most logistical sense of when people will be there and ideally not have to rush around too much after their hair and makeup is done. Younger members of the wedding or event should be done towards the end so they have less opportunity to mess up their hair or makeup – little ones aren’t so keen on sitting still – and if anyone has small children in tow then it might be best for them to be looked after towards then end also so the room doesn’t feel too chaotic, but this is of course down to your own preference. Ideally, hair and makeup would be done together for each person but if people don’t want to sit down for all that length of time then we can do everyone’s hair first and then come back around again and do their makeup, or vice versa.


If you have any other questions about hair and makeup preparation then take a look at our FAQ page or feel free to book in a call to discuss your options and work out the best plan of action for you.

Camilla x