Wedding Preparation, how to combat Winter skin

Winter skin

We don’t expect anyone can say that their skin does better in the Winter months, and when you’re planning your wedding it’s easy to forget to look after the little things!  Acne, dry, flaking and palled winter skin is not welcome at any time, but especially not when you have a wedding on the horizon. So, what can you do to get your glow back?  Your skin is never a lost cause – let’s show you how to nurse it back to health!

  1. Your environment is key

The Winter is just terrible if you already suffer with acne. Central heating sucks all the moisture out of the air, in-turn, drying your skin more and more as the Winter rolls on. Dead skin cells sit and clog your pores which can cause your skin to breakout more easily.

One answer to this is investing in an air humidifier, which will re-balance the air in your house- but the best thing you can do is to be aware of your everyday surroundings.  If you’re spending a lot of your time in a central heated, or heaven forbid, an electric heated office, make sure to invest in a Thermal Water Spray. Squirt this on every so often to keep your skin hydrated and soothe any irritation. La Roche Possay Thermal is a fantastic product, as well as Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray – who do a handy handbag size too!

  1. Scrub and Hydrate, always!

As we mentioned earlier, your skin tends to build up a thicker layer of dead skin in the Winter, so making sure you exfoliate more often is rather important. Don’t use anything too abrasive – just a mild scrub used regularly should be enough to keep your skin cells heathy and glowing. Always moisturise immediately afterwards, as exfoliating in its-self is extremely drying. Dermalogica do a nice, gentle microfoliant; otherwise, sugar scrubs are a nice, soft alternative.

Cleansing off your makeup at the end of the day is just as important for Winter skin as it is in the Summer – even if it is so much more tempting to just jump into bed at the end of a long, cold day, make sure you stick to your routine.

  1. Don’t stress it!

Stress is a big contributor to bad skin. As we all know, it’s easier said than done, but reducing your stress levels, especially if you’re planning a wedding, can really work wonders for your skin.

Christmas is a killer for falling out of our good habits, like exercise – and into bad ones, like overeating the wrong types of food. Getting back on track with your healthy lifestyle will help your skin in more than one way; reducing your stress levels, and balancing out your salt and sugar intake.

Your body will be dehydrated from the excess of Christmas parties, and dry office conditions, so it’s important to re-hydrate with lots of water. You can always add a little twist to your water with slices of lemon, ginger or even cucumber. This will not only make hydrating a little more interesting, but the added vitamins will be great for your skin too!

  1. Use seasonal products

Your skin and it’s needs change over the different seasons, so it’s important that your products change too. Skincare products that you used in the summer may not be suitable for you in the winter, plus your skin can become used to a product, making it work less effectively. However, always be careful when changing products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Patch testing and monitoring your skin with new products is advisable, and if possible, ask for tester samples at counters. Don’t change your skin care too close to your wedding day, as you want to avoid any potential breakouts.

Liz Earle is a fantastic skincare brand – it feels luxurious, smells lovely and is also cruelty free! The Hot Cloth Cleanser is perfect for dead skin exfoliation and they’ve always got great offers on their website. Their toner and moisturiser is great too, and can be used as a very effective combo.

So, keep hydrated; eat healthy; get back on that exercise bike; and exfoliate – with this in practice, you’ll have your skin gorgeous and glowing in plenty of time for your big day.

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