Melt Proof Makeup

Summer is here and while the weather has fluctuated in the UK over the last few days, we’ve definitely have had some scorchers!  While some of you are off on holiday to even sunnier climes, I thought I’d share with you my top tips for melt proof makeup!

Using a primer in hot weather will definitely put you in good stead at keeping your makeup in place.  Make sure you use an oil free or silicone based primer as this will act as a barrier between your skin and your makeup ensuring that it doesn’t run and will keep it in place.

Try to avoid water based liquid foundations as these will not last very long on your skin during the heat once they react with your sweat.  It is important to be wearing SPF all year round but more so in the summer months.  There are lots of foundations on the market that contain SPF, Bobbi Brown do a nice range of foundations from tinted moisturisers and BB Creams to Long lasting coverage all contains SPF of 15-35.

While I rarely leave the house without some coverage on, I personally like to use Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream with SPF 35 in warmer climates as it is a lot lighter than heavier foundations and blends much better into my skin as well as protecting it from those harmful rays.

As I’ve mentioned before in BE A BEACH GODESS, sweat and powder do not mix very well so it is best to avoid it altogether.  If you really must use powder, keep it to your T-Zone and opt for cream blushers instead of powder ones which will give you a more natural and softer glow.  Carry oil blotting paper with you as opposed to powder to keep the shine at bay, this will keep you looking radiant as opposed to ashy with layers of powder.

Lash lift and tintObviously waterproof mascara is a must or you cold opt for eyelash extensions and not have to worry about your lashes for the whole month.  If you, like myself, are allergic to semi-permanent lash extensions then you could always opt for a lash lift and tint.  I tried this for the first time when I went on holiday last month and the results were amazing and my lashes are still lifted even now (see after picture on the left)… I’ll definitely be booking myself back in soon for a re lift and tint to enjoy all year round!