Makeup SOS – Quick fixes!

We’ve all been there…  you’re having a great night out with your friends, eating, drinking and dancing the night away when you pop to the bathroom and catch sight of your reflection in the mirror!  “Oh wow!” Your carefully applied makeup that you left the house with hours earlier it’s not looking so skilfully done now and you’re makeup is resembling more of a halloween makeup creation!  Fear not!  With these quick fixes you’ll have your makeup looking refreshed and bright again in no time!

1) You’re looking a little shiny… OK, a lot!  You’re skin is not looking dewy, it is definitely shiny, and are those beads of sweat??

If your prone to oily skin always carry around a few blotting sheets, you can use these to dab off the excess oil and sweat before applying a sheer powder foundation.  Compacts are a must for your handbag at all times.  No messing around with foundation, just dab a little powder onto the areas that could use a little coverage, no need to apply to the whole of your face.  If you haven’t got any blotting sheets, use a bit of tissue to soak up any areas of particular shine.

2) You’re carefully applied lipstick has faded and the colour is uneven across your lips.  With this dim lighting and a not so steady hand after that 3rd mojito, how are you going to fix it?

Don’t panic.  There is no need to apply your pop lip colour again, just sweep a gloss across your lips!  Glosses are great for refreshing the lipstick colour and correcting any uneven areas.  Always remember to put a lip liner on before you go out as it has a much better chance of staying on and will ensure your lips remaining defined even if your lipstick wears off.

3) THAT spot is back!

Now this quick fix requires a little forward thinking… instead of covering up spots and blemishes after your foundation, apply all your makeup and bronzer first and then go in with cover up.  This way when you’re correcting later on you will know the right shade to touch up with and not run the risk of your concealer being too pale.

4) You weren’t quite going for the wonky eye makeup, but now that your liner has smudged that’s exactly the look you are pulling off!

Always carry a cotton bud or two with you.  Not only are they great for carefully removing any lipstick bleed but they are also great to remove any roaming eyeliner…  run a dry cotton bud underneath your eyes to get rid of any powder that has dropped or eye liner that has strayed.

5) Wow, you look tired!  Did you even put any makeup on in the first place?

Add a pop of blush!  This will bring your skin back to life in no time and have you looking healthy and glowing again.  A little trick I sometimes use if I don’t have blush, is to pat a VERY small amount of lipstick on to my cheeks and blend in, it gives the same results as a cream blush!

6) Now all of the above isn’t great without a mirror and there isn’t one nearby!

BUT you have a phone!  Turn that camera back on yourself and use it as a mirror, you can even take a cheeky selfie of your born again face!