5 beautiful themes for an outdoor wedding

If you and your partner love the outdoors, you may think of nothing better than being surrounded by nature on your big day. Of course, an outdoor wedding comes with it’s own set of unique challenges – like, how do you get gran half-way up a hill? And little cousin Timmy is petrified of cows; not to mention the dread of seats and heels sinking in the grass! But if you are up to the challenge of precarious planning, and a few midge bites along the way, an outdoor wedding can be the most special, beautiful and memorable of them all! … Just imagine those wedding photographs!

Whether you have your mind set on green pastures, or lush forest surroundings for your special day, a wedding theme isn’t complete without the perfect wedding dress, makeup and hair to match. Here are a few of our favourite inspirational themes for your scrapbook:

Dream in Green:

When choosing colours for your wedding day, green is often overlooked. Using subtle pastel green shades contrasted by a darker forest, or olive green, or even brown could be the marvelous finish you are looking for when attempting to compliment an outdoor wedding. This colour scheme really works well outdoors, for that earthy, wholesome feel you’re looking for.

Bridal hair and makeup can really showcase this colour theme. Using a natural base, contrasted by a green eye, and maybe even a green leaf halo hairband.

 green theme

Pretty Posies:

 Floral, pale, and pastel have always been popular in traditional weddings, but you can really up your floral game at an outdoor wedding. Imagine a woodland surrounding filled with flowers! A floral canopy, and petals on the forest floor! Wow!

 Compliment this theme with flowers in your bridesmaid’s hair, and in your own. A big, beautiful bouquet, with plenty of foliage. Keep your makeup rosy cheeked, with flowery, fresh pink lips.

floral theme

Bright and Beautiful:


Colour everywhere! Bridesmaids in brightly coloured dresses, different colour, big and bold floral place-settings on each table – However, try to keep your colour range to no more than four main bright colours… you don’t want to overdo it! This is a great theme for an open-space wedding, adding plenty of colour and excitement to that beautiful green field you’ve chosen.

 When styling yourself, go for bold colour on lips and/or eyes, with a strikingly smart up-do decorated with jewels.

bright theme

Happening Hippy:


Everyone’s initial thought when they hear ‘outdoor wedding’, so why not really play on the theme?! Messy, beautifully decorated braids; barefoot bridesmaids, and neutral, earthy colours. Encourage the use of fairy wings and ivy when styling your guests and surroundings. Think glamping and folk-bands!

This is a minimal effort; maximum impact type deal. Natural makeup, with a healthy glow; try neutral brown/gold eyes, with a slightly heavier than usual eyeliner, with just a gloss on the lips.

hippy theme

Head for the Hilltops:

This is for those couples with a sense of adventure, who want to make their wedding day reflect their outdoors lifestyle. Hiking boots or wellies under your wedding dresses are a must! Whether it’s by a stream, on a beach, or half way up a mountain, you’re going to want to keep the styling simple, and focus on the magic of your surroundings. A plain and simple white theme emphasizes the purity of the view. Use your surroundings – leaves, shells or pebbles can be utilized to create the perfect atmosphere.

Chances are, that by the time you get to your location, your hair is going to be pretty tussled anyway, so embrace that messy look with a wave, or a messy bun, styled with some subtle florals. If you are planning on a bit of a walk to reach your wedding spot, It would be advisable to keep your hair and makeup artist close if you’re wanting to look picture perfect when you reach your location.

outdoor wedding

No matter what location you choose for your special day, it will be one of the most memorable of your life, and choosing the right hair and makeup to compliment your theme makes all the difference. If you have a wedding theme you would like to discuss with us, get in touch today.