DIY vs. A Professional Makeup Artist


As the saying goes “if you want something done properly, do it yourself.”

While this may work for some things it doesn’t for all, and those things that it does work for will vary depending on one’s passion and capabilities.

Personally, I like to do a lot of things myself, I’m a bit of a control freak and quite stubborn in that sense. I’d sooner try (and fail over and over) because I love the sense of accomplishment when I improve each time and hopefully, after enough fails, I’ll eventually nail it. But there are situations where I need to accept and rise above my shortcomings and enlist the help of a professional who can do it quicker and better than I can. This is usually down to 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. I don’t have the time to learn a new skill and/or keep practicing it in the hope I’ll get it right.

  2. I don’t have any passion or interest in applying myself to learn this particular new skill.

  3. I know I’ll get far more reward and enjoyment having someone else take care of it for me.

Most, although not all, of the brides that we look after have a high interest in beauty and makeup so it usually comes down to reason 1 or 3 from above so here are my top 5 reasons to go with a pro.

You deserve to be pampered

On your wedding day you want to be pampered and so you should!

It’s your big day and you’ve poured so much of your energy and time over many weeks and months into planning it that you should enjoy every single second of the day itself.  Do you go for a spa day and do your own massage or give yourself a pedicure? No,you take a spa day to relax and have someone else take care of you so you can fully enjoy your time there and make the most of the experience. The same should go for your wedding day. Let someone else take care of you so you don’t have to worry about poking yourself in the eye with your mascara wand or getting a bit heavy-handed with the blusher.


Wedding pros are also ‘firefighters’

For a lot of brides, weddings are a first time affair and when anything is carried out for the first time a certain degree of anxiety comes with it as we naturally fear the unknown. Having wedding professionals who takes care of brides week in week out have seen it all!  Which means they’ve seen most things that could go wrong and are a dab hand at fighting fires; whether that’s helping reconstruct a melting wedding cake, contracting ribbon and string to re-tie a bridal bouquet that wasn’t done correctly or sewing a bridesmaid dresses  – which are a few of the things I’ve found myself doing on a wedding morning! Having a well-versed wedding makeup artist around on the day is peace of mind for more than just your makeup application.

Years of Experience 

A professional makeup artist has had years of experience working with different skin types and don’t we know all to well that our skin can sometimes decide to have a freak out for no reason at all? So if high-stress levels in the lead up to your wedding causes unwelcomed skin complications, then you can rest assured that a professional makeup artist has seen it all and will be able to provide a tried and tested solution that will fix it. Us makeup artists tend to have a fix for most things! 😉

Time Poor

Sure, there are a lot of resources online for you to learn how to do your own makeup, but with all the wedding day planning currently on top of your already packed day to day schedule, do you really have the time and patience to teach yourself? And do you want to add more stress and anxiety into the mix trying to learn something anyway? Learning any skill, makeup or otherwise, is obviously a great thing to do and will serve you in the long run but applying more pressure on yourself at an already high pressurised time is not ideal.

Knowledge is Power

Professional makeup artists are practicing their craft day in, day out. They have years of experience working with many products and mixing things together creatively to achieve particular skin finishes or higher pigments that non pros wouldn’t necessarily be able to create themselves. While your makeup look is a very individual choice and should be based on your vision for yourself, it’s a huge bonus to have someone by your side to make you aware of certain trends and products that you may not have been aware of which ensures that you look the very best possible version of you.

Thre are of course reasons that you might be better suited to applying your own makeup such as:

  • You just absolutely love applying makeup and are feeling excited at the prospect of having something important coming up to learn how to apply it even better for.

  • You thrive under pressure and would actually relish the challenge on your wedding day.

  • You already love the way that you apply your makeup and you don’t want it applied any differently to normal on your wedding day.

DIY-vs-Professional-Makeup-ArtistOnly you will know what is best for you but a common thought that makes brides apprehensive about using a makeup artist for their wedding day is that they only like to use their own products. If this is the case for you then I would say that a professional makeup artist can still apply your makeup with your own products and may be able to create a look you like better with them which means it’s always worth speaking with them about your options.

We also look after a number of brides who never normally wear makeup and are anxious about allowing a professional makeup artist to apply anything as they fear they will use a lot of product. Professional makeup artists should treat each client differently and tailor the look to the individual they are working with, particularly with weddings and events. This means that they will never use products that you are not happy with and will not try to ‘paste their vision’ of what they think you should have without consulting you first.

Working with a professional makeup artist is very much a partnership and you should be working together to get the best possible outcome combining your artist’s experience with your personal preference, and of course your own vision for yourself.

If you are interested in speaking with us to discuss your wedding day makeup vision then please use the contact form to request a 30 minute video consultation with me (Camilla) to talk about your vision for yourself and see what can be achieved by working with a professional makeup artist.

Camilla x