Be a Beach Goddess

Holiday season has arrived lots of us are looking forward to jetting off abroad to sun, sea, sand and relaxation!  So as we anticipate this long awaited summer holiday why not take a few steps to enhance your natural beauty and get you bikini ready and looking like a beach goddess!

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Exfoliation is key if you want smooth, luminous skin and an even tan.  By giving yourself a good salt scrub pre holiday you are removing all those dead skin cells and allowing an even base for your summer tan.  Start exfoliating 3 times a week to promote cell renewal and give your skin the best base for a quick and even tan!

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Moisturise and Hydrate

You want to hydrate your skin as much as possible from the inside out.  Drink plenty of water and green tea to flush out toxins and keep you hydrated.  Heat, sunlight and flights are all particularly dehydrating so make sure you are regularly moisturising to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

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Pre and Fake Tan

Building up a base tan will not only make you feel better when you are confronted by the holiday makers who arrived a week before you, but will also maximise your tanning time and reduce the risk of sunburn – so make use of the UK’s sun before you go.

If you don’t have time or there is lack of sun to lie out in, fake tans are great at instantly transforming you!  They increase muscle definition and give you an instant bronzed glow!  Be warned, however, chlorine will strip most fake tans so don’t over do it if you don’t want to look streaky emerging from the pool on your first day!  Oil also breaks down tan so with your application of sun cream, your tan will fade faster.

* * * *


Thread and Wax

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It’s time to get that bikini line tidied up and those legs looking smooth and glossy!   Book yourself in for an eyebrow tidy, it can be an instant face lift and will make you feel a lot tidier and more groomed with minimal or no make up on holiday.

* * * *


Camilal J Collins-beach makeup-makeup artistMake Up can be a nightmare on holiday with whatever you put on, sliding off your face moments later, but you don’t have to ditch the make up altogether.

Make your makeup melt proof by putting an oil free primer underneath your base to give it the best staying power.

You don’t want to wear anything too heavy in the heat and besides, it can be quite hard to match a thicker foundation to your sun exposed skin.  Opt for a lighter base during your holiday such as a BB or CC Cream which will give you light coverage and compliment your natural tan.  Make sure it contains a high SPF.

You may decide not to wear a base at all but want to get rid of those blemishes and spots.  Use a dense concealer and lightly dab and blend onto the area you wish to camouflage.

When Powders and sweat mix, it’s not pretty!   When it comes to Blusher, Bronzer and eye shadows, stick to Gels or Creams which will enhance your sun induced glow.  As well as caking a lot less, they also glisten in the sun!

Topping up with powder will definitely cake, so keep some blotting papers on you instead for soaking up any excess shine or sweat. folioid39912.jpg

Kohl can be a nightmare at the best of times, sliding down your face with the slightest sign of moisture so in the holiday heat, it is a big No No.  Liquid liner may take a little more time and practice but a good one won’t budge.

Waterproof mascara is of course a no brainer!  It can take a little more time to take off at the end of day which can be a pain so there is always the option of having your eyelashes tinted or semi permanent lash extensions applied pre holiday to eliminate the bother!

Lip Gloss is great but melts and get’s runny in the heat.  Instead, opt for a tinted lip balm with a high wax content that should keep it in place throughout the day.

So there you have it, my top beauty advice for the run up to your holiday and make up tips for when you’re out there!  Have a fabulous time!