BB Cream and CC cream – What’s the difference?

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Back in 2013 BB and CC creams were flooding the market and became one of the biggest new trends in beauty. They hype has died down a little now but they still are a great product and a great alternative to tinted moisturiser as they contain added benefits.

So let’s take a look at what each of the creams do and work out which one is right for you…


BB Creams (“Beauty Balms”) are actually an Asian import that have become increasingly popular in the US and UK since 2011.  They are essentially a lightweight coverage that carry a few extras such as SPF, antioxidants etc.. Different brands carry different benefits and the list goes on.  BB creams are heavier than a tinted moisturiser but lighter than a foundation.  They can smooth out your complexion, contain anti ageing elements and have a light-reflecting component to give a dewy finish


CC stands for “Colour Correcting” and focuses on concealing existing skin issues.  They are slightly lighter in consistency than BB Creams which makes them better for acne prone skin and they contain a skin brightening primer, light foundation, moisturiser, sunscreen and anti ageing elements. The difference between BB and CC creams are subtle but CC cream generally addresses skin issues, such as redness or sallowness, usually with light diffusing particles.

BB creams can be a perfect coverage solution for the summer time as they provide a good amount of coverage without looking cakey. They also typically carry a higher SPF which can make them a great base for your summer holidays.  I would still advise using an additional dun sun factor underneath because as they are tinted you are likely to use less coverage than you would a normal sun cream.

BB and CC creams can also be a great quick fix for the gym.  They provide a little bit of coverage while still allowing your skin to breath as well as giving supplying it with beneficial ingredients such as vitamins and moisture.

It’s really a case of checking the ingredients and most importantly trying out the different brands to see which one suits you best.