Bad Beauty Industry

Hello my lovelies!  So, my blog posts have taken a bit of backseat due to my book writing, the first draft of which is very nearly finished!  And as I’m so excited about it all I thought today I would share a little excerpt from one of the chapters currently entitled ‘Bad Beauty Industry.’

“As I sit here flicking through a beauty industry magazine I feel a sudden sense of overwhelm and exhaustion set in.  I’m already a month late getting round to reading this, and as my day started at 4.30am this morning, I’m tired and a little cranky as it is.  While I study all the new and innovative products and technology that are pasted across the pages before me I can’t help thinking “does the world really need all of this?!”

Featured in just the first few pages there are multiple new laser hair removal machines, new LED skin rejuvenation and mirco-current facial toning technology, multiple machines for nonsurgical face and body treatments followed by further state of the art laser machines for laser body sculpting and then even more non-invasive facial and body contouring platforms!

Interspersed with all this new technology I have also learnt that bio sculpture seems to be making a come back with their “ethos range”; another company has created a DIY equivalent to a chemical peel, and there is now a new youth supplement on the market which has linked the relationship between the gut and the skin which it’s creators claim is “packaged for optimum results!” 

I have been served up facts and figures; apparently 83% of beauty therapists have had to correct another therapist’s bad work, CBD oil, peptides and probiotics are said to be the new trending skincare ingredients, oh, and pretty corals, ice-cream inspired pastels, neon brights and barely-there nudes are ALL on trend for this summer!

Excuse my language, but that’s a lot of new sh**t going on!  Where the hell does one start?! 

And this is exactly the type of mental exhaustion I’ve been feeling towards my industry for some time now. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for breakthrough technology that addresses issues, solves problems and helps people feel better about themselves, but the rate at which these this new innovative technology and ‘miracle’ products are being churned out leaves me feeling rather dubious.  I am highly suspicious of their maker’s claims which are written in bold statements alongside the happy and smiley faces that stare back at me from these advertorials, not to mention the rather astounding (but also rather questionable) before and after photos.

I try to live my life the Gabby Bernstein way and expect miracles every day, but when it comes to my industry, and the claims that are made, I far too often smell a rat.  And I’m sure we’re all aware of the old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.’

So I began conducting a little research into these cosmetic brands; their products and their claims, and during my investigation I stumbled across Rowena Bernado.

Rowena is like the tough loving fairy godmother of this chapter who has come to rip off those rose-tinted spectacles, toss them to the floor and stamp around on them for good measure.

A former marketing manager turned ‘beauty bullshit buster’ – she no longer works for them and now works for us in stripping the wool from our eyes. 

She writes a blog called beautyandthebullshit and so I wondered if she would perhaps be willing to speak to me and give me some nuggets o’ wisdom to help me paint the not so pretty picture for you all…”