8 easy tips to maintaining gorgeous skin this Winter

Ah, winter skin! Isn’t it just the worst? Between the harsh, freezing weather conditions; indoor heating that sucks the moisture out of your skin, and hot, skin scolding showers, it’s hardly a surprise that your skin loses its lustre! Bad skin management in the winter can lead to drying, cracking, and even bleeding. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your skin in tip-top condition this winter; some may seem fairly obvious, but keeping up with these can really make a world of difference!Winter skin

  1. Don’t overheat – It may be tempting when its bitterly cold outside to wash you face and hands in lovely, mega-hot water; but beware, this can strip the skin of essential oils that help to keep it soft and supple – try to wash with luke-warm water instead, this will help to prevent any excess dryness.
  2. Moisturise – Seems obvious right? But moisturising straight after washing, sealing in as much dampness from the wash as you can, can really help maintain a healthy moisture level in the winter. Keep a bottle next to the shower, so you can apply as soon as you get out.
  3. Nothing too strong! – Avoid petroleum-based, and overly perfumed moisturisers, as these can actually end up drying your skin further. Also, go for an oil based moisturiser, rather than water based, as oil-based will help to retain and lock-in moisture better.
  4. Exfoliate – with dryer skin, comes more dead skin. Exfoliating is even more important in the winter, as you want to make sure you’re not moisturising a bunch of dead skin cells -pointless! If you’re someone who suffers from dry hands in the winter, then exfoliating your hands every now and then can work wonders for keeping the scales at bay. 
  5. Night moisture – using night creams or balms, and gloves at night can give you an extra moisture boost if you find you are drying out quickly during the day.
  6. Go Alcohol-free – stop using alcohol based cleansers, as these are a nightmare skin dryer! If you are a serial cleanser, consider using something oil based, or more gentle in the winter months.
  7. Wear gloves – don’t wait until its freezing, and your hands are already dried out to think, ‘I should probably start wearing gloves now’. Gloves are an absolute essential as soon as the weather starts to turn, and can stop dry hands in their tracks, especially if you’re outside a lot.
  8. Drink lots of water! – another obvious one, but so easily overlooked, especially when there’s a hot cup of tea, or cocoa on offer. If you’re finding it hard to reach your water goal in the winter, try replacing your first morning coffee or tea with a hot water and lemon. It not only helps with hydration, it’s also very beneficial to digestion.

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Whatever you’re doing this wonderful winter season, stay warm, stay skin-soft, and have a great winter!