Top Tips for Autumn and Winter wedding beauty

The Autumn and Winter wedding seasons are just around the corner, bringing with them beautiful russet colours, perfect snowy white backdrops, and of course, rain! There are some fantastic benefits to choosing a wedding later in the year, price of venues being the big one! While great for your pocket, the cold and damp weather can really put a downer on your skin, and wreak absolute havoc with your hairdo! We have a few tips we think will help when you are planning your look for an Autumn or Winter wedding.


  1. Wear it up! – While you may be tempted to wear your hair down for that sexy wind-swept look, it’s always a short-lived one! Just remember those windy, rainy walks to work, with your hair down… by the time you get there it’s always more drowned rat than a dreamy tussle, right? Go for a tightly pinned, smart, sexy up-do. Maybe decorate with some autumnal flowers, or Winter berries. View our Gallery here for some great hair inspiration!

bridesmaid hair

  1. Hydrate! – Winter is the hardest season for your skin, often leaving it dry and less-than-lustrous. Drink plenty of water, don’t start using any new products that may irritate your skin, and moisturise!
  2. Waterproof! – If you’re going to be spending any time outdoors during your wedding, especially if you are having your photos outside, consider using waterproof makeup where possible… it might help if you shed a few tears at the alter too!

bride makeup

  1. Glow! – Use light-reflecting concealers and foundations, to neutralise your skin-tone and make the most of the winter light. Moisturising primers and BB creams need to be in your beauty routine, to prevent your face from drying out.
  2. Work with what you’ve got! – Don’t be tempted to over-tan or bronze when the weather is cold. Use tones close to your natural tone, especially if you are on the paler side. Pale skin can have a beautiful, ethereal glow in the winter if you use the right colours for your skin, and the winter light will soon give you away if you’re using tones too dark for your natural skin.

pale skin bride

  1. Dark lips! Are just stunning in the Autumn and Winter right? They can create a wonderful berry-like contrast with your dress and the snow, or a beautiful mirror of the Autumnal leaf colours- Fabulous!

winter, red lips

Whether an Autumn or Winter wedding, the benefits of not being a Summery sweaty mess are not to be overlooked! Your guests will appreciate the cheaper travel and accommodation, as well as the break from winter monotony, and your photographic memories will be just stunning. Whatever the weather, we wish you a perfect Autumn or Winter wedding.