Well hello there…

Well hello there… So I’ve been threatening to start writing this blog for quite a while now and I have decided it has come to crunch time!  I’m new to all this blogging business so please bear with me while I get to grips with mastering the art of a simple, concise and informative blog […]

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Best Autumn and Winter Hair and Make Up

So the nights are drawing in, the temperature has dropped and the sun doesn’t glow so warmly anymore – no doubt winter is upon us! But even though we are covered in woolly sweaters and maybe  eating extra chocolate to cheer ourselves up, there is no reason our makeup shouldn’t look amazing, right?  Right! Summer bridal […]

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Most Desirable Hairstyles for Summer

Every bride is unique, and so the planning of every detail of the wedding day is a reflection of her uniqueness. From the dress to the cake, to the make up, even down to the chair covers… they all reflect the bride’s own personal style. And the  hairstyle is no exception – just as choosing the bridal gown needs […]

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