Be Holiday-ready this summer!

We all know the feeling! Clogged pores, sticky lips and melting eyeliner, yuk! You can avoid looking a hot-mess on the beach this summer, with these 5 simple makeup tips from the experts:

summer ladies

  1. Don’t go oily! – When using a moisturizer this summer, try to go for an oil-free option. The same goes for foundation if you want to avoid streaking and fading. Oil and heat don’t mix, unless you’re frying an egg that is! If you are sensitive to the sun, a good moisturiser can sooth red, irritated skin and even protect from the sun if it has a built-in SPF. If you are prone to oily skin, it’s especially important that you use moisturiser in the summer. This sounds the wrong-way-round, right? But keeping the skin moisturised will in-fact prevent the skin from creating more oil, in its attempt to counterbalance the drying effects of the sun.
  2. Prime! – While you are literally sweating your face off, a good primer is a must for the summer. Choose a lovely, light, breathable primer, that won’t clog the pores, and will help your foundation to stay put in the heat. A good tip when hunting for a summer primer is to look for one with a built-in SPF; so, you are not only gloriously matted, but protected too.
  3. Not too much! – Caking and clogging the pores is a bad idea when faced with a baking hot day, so try not to over-do the foundation. Choose a matte foundation that won’t give you a mirror-like shine in the sun; avoid anything with added luminosity, or cream foundations!
  4. Waterproof all the way! – Waterproof mascara is not only your best friend on the beach; it can be a real life-saver when you find yourself in a sweaty situation too! And of course, they won’t smudge in the water!eye makeup
  5. Don’t go heavy! – Heavy matte lipsticks are great for the Christmas party, but have no place in your summer makeup kit! There’s nothing worse than a sweaty, smearing of red on your face. Liquid tints are great for both cheeks and lips, and you can always balm over the top of stained lips, to keep them extra soft and healthy looking.

summer makeup

Keep it light and breezy on your hols this summer; sometimes less really is better and when it comes to holiday makeup, well, that healthy tan you’re going to develop can do most of the work for you anyway. Whatever you choose to wear on your face; stay safe in the sun, always wear sun-protection and of course, drink lots of water – nothing is better for a healthy glow!