Childs Play


This beautiful little lady is Claudia who I had the utmost pleasure of working my hair and makeup magic for her Batmitzvah celebrations last weekend.

Isn’t she gorgeous??!

Now Claudia, as you can see. has gorgeous, bright skin, bold lashes and no “need” for any makeup at all, however, it was her special day and she wanted to look and feel every bit special for the event, and the experience of having her hair and makeup done was going to do just that.

When I first started my career in makeup 10 years ago there were hardly any YouTubers doing makeup tutorials; the number of makeup companies out there were a fraction of what they are now and Instagram didn’t even exist!

Over the years things have changed… A LOT!

Today, the younger generation is so makeup savvy. The knowledge and skills they can pick up online and the rate at which some can put it so perfectly into practice is incredible.

Now I know there are a lot of parents out there who are not so thrilled with this new trend and I, of course, understand their reasons and concerns, but, I truly believe that there is a lot of good to come from this new movement if we can let go of the way things were and embrace the way things are now.

In the past makeup was widely known for covering things up we didn’t like about ourselves but with all the new creativity at play across social media nowadays we are seeing makeup being used in a very different and more positive way.

I believe that all creativity should be encouraged in whatever way possible; whether that’s with pencils and paper in an art class at school or with lipsticks and powder brushes at home.

While one might think that makeup would encourage children to focus on things they don’t like about themselves, it can also do the opposite. Practising and playing with makeup can be a wonderful way to really get to know yourself. By working so closely with yourself you begin to discover all the wonderful features that make you so unique. It can encourage self-appreciation and self-love which in turn enhances confidence. And that goes for everyone of all ages.

So as the world changes whether we like it or not it would be kinder to ourselves to take the path of least resistance and allow our minds to open a little bit and work with the new way of things and embrace the positivity and forget about the negative.

If parents can work together with their children on this one; encouraging them to play with makeup and educating them on the correct uses for it, then I can’t see it doing any harm at all – In fact, I see it doing quite the opposite!

Through the creative play of makeup artistry, children can learn to embrace their true selves, identify their best features, enhance the beauty that is already within them which will increase their overall confidence and performance.