An Honest Post


Well, hello there, and as always, a huge thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

Anyone that’s kept up to date with myself and my work over the years will have seen my many stops and starts with my postings on here, my postings on social media, and my twists and turns with the messages I have been putting out there.

I thoroughly enjoy writing, but I’ll be honest, I’ve found this particular blog difficult to maintain as I’ve felt pigeon-holed into writing ONLY about beauty, hairstyling and weddings. While this was all fine at first, it wasn’t long before it began to stifle my creativity, and stifle my whole being a little bit too, as it infiltrated across all areas of my work.

It’s not just the blog itself that I have felt stifled by, but the running of the business(es) as a whole. It’s super silly really as no one has ever told me to do specific things or behave in a certain way (I would have never listened if they had, I’m a bit stubborn like that) but I have adopted a number of self-limiting habits and chained myself by my own silly, made-up rules that I’ve picked up along the way on my entrepreneurial journey the last 10 years.

I’ve been doing a lot of soulsearching since the start of this year – actually it’s been over many years but I really started taking action with it all at the beginning of 2019. I believe that where I went wrong is that by wanting to build a successful business, and be seen by as many people as possible, so that I could then do the job that I love with as many people as possible, I began defining my whole being as a ‘makeup artist’ and not a lot else. I ended up fearing showing too much of anything else of me in case I scared potential clients away.

When getting a new career or business off the ground, there is a certain amount of false confidence that needs to be created and some degree of a “fake it to make it” attitude required.  Both these things are often needed to propel you forward into your new space and give others the green light to take a chance on you.  This attitude is also very much needed to convince YOURSELF that you’ve totally ‘got this’ so that you can continue breaking out of your comfort zone and grow – not only within your chosen line of work but, as a person too.  This goes for anything in life really, new relationships, new schools, job interviews, new hobbies etc.

The problem is, however, if you go too hard at it and keep it up for a long period of time, you lose touch with other parts of you in the process, and that chips away at the overall confidence in yourself.

I have been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 10 years now and hand on heart, I love what I do.  I love the creativity of it, I love the variety of my work – from prosthetics to beauty.  But most of all, I love the fact that I get to work with lovely people who are always excited for their transformation. Be it into a gory car crash victim or the very best and most beautiful version of themself for a very important day – it’s all a very exciting process, and there is always an awesome, and very tangible, result at the end of it which gives that winning feeling for all involved.

But, I do have lots of other stuff I’m into too. From fitness and bodybuilding, to psychology, painting, writing, socialising (particularly in the presence of food and drink) …Oh, and I also LOVE a party and letting my hair down every so often!  After so many years spent completely absorbed in my work as a makeup artist and building my career, I’ve come out the other side a little fearful to fully show my other passions for fear of being seen as “Jack of all trades, master of none,” and just generally not taken seriously.

I’m an advocate for honesty, and I always encourage truth.  Whether that’s truth with others, or truth with yourself. And I am now very much aware that by dismissing or hiding any parts of myself, I am sending all kinds of negative signals that have only result in a constant state of unrest. Most significantly I’ve also come to realise that it’s a pointless exercise in this game of life, as denying parts of myself doesn’t allow me to be the best that I can be through my work and personal life, but most importantly, it doesn’t allow me to make the best impact in this world that only I can.

The last couple of weeks, the excitement to get my book out has really mounted because it feels very much like I’ll finally be lifting the veil and, in one fell swoop, I will be declaring to the world that there is more to me than just makeup, and that beauty is not the be-all and end-all.

Writing a book has been on my mind for at least the last 2 years (maybe more) and each time the idea popped into my head I always shot it down with the same excuses: “Oh, no I couldn’t possibly!  What would people think?” or “What if people don’t like it? It’ll be humiliating and who am I to write a book anyway?!” or my particular favourite that I often use when wanting to embark on something new,  “Let’s just keep everything as it is and not make any bold moves that could upset the apple cart, eh?!”

Well, 4 months ago I finally got out my own way on the book project and started my very own cosy, 5am writers club from the comfort of my bed. The process of which I very much enjoyed and found rather cathartic.   The manuscript has been sent to the publisher, it’s nearly done with the edit, and I’ll be getting it back for final review in the next couple of days.  So, there’s no going back now! And so with this, my only option is to get fully on board with it, level up, and follow through with it all in every area of my life, including work… and this is really where this post has spurred from.

So, there will be a few changes coming up around here over the next few months, parts of this site will be moving onto a new domain, particularly the agency side, but the blog will be staying here and it’s going to be a mixed bag, because…. well, I’m a bit of a mixed bag myself really!  I’ll be mixing up my social media posts too because being me is far more important than being “on brand.”

More details of my book #NoFilterNeeded – Kicking unobtainable standards to the kerb and reimagining the power within yourself will be coming soon!